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Visitors Profile

  • Trade C Importers, wholesalers, traders and sales agents

  • Retail C Retailers and specialist retail chains

  • Hotel & Restaurant C Food and beverage managers, wine managers, purchasers

  • Government & Associations C Ministry representatives, association members

  • Media- media groups from wine, food, hotel and restaurant, consumption and healthcare publications

  • Others C wine specialists and connoisseurs


Multi-channel Visitor Marketing TOP
  • 100,000 printed invitation tickets (40,000 through direct mailing, 60,0000 through associations and trade),   advertising in printed and online local and international media targeting:

  • Trade: Importers, wholesalers and agents

  • Retail: Supermarkets and retail chains such as Carrefour, Metro, Wal-Mart, 7/11 and Duty Free

  • Hotel & Restaurant: F&B managers, wine managers, sommeliers and purchasers

  • Government & Associations: Ministry representatives and associations

  • Media: related to F&B, hotels and restaurants, healthcare and consumer guides

  • Others: wine club members and enthusiasts


Exhibits Profile TOP
  • Wines (Grape-based and non-grape based wines)

  • Alcoholic Beverages, Spirits/Alcohol

  • Wine Accessories

  • Wine Publications, Wine Training

  • Winery-related equipment (packaging, processing, transportation)

  • Wine Paraphernalia (sculptures, prints, models of chateaus)


Cost of Participation



(1) Wine China Expo 21-23 September 2017, Beijing


Special Offer:

  • Special Table: USD 500/Euro 480 per table (it includes one table of 100cmx50cmx80cm, two chairs, the poster board, wine glasses)

Raw Space Cost

  • 1-side open (min. 6sqm) USD 210 or Euro 200 per sqm

  • 2-sides open (min.18sqm) USD 230 or Euro 220 per sqm

  • 3-sides open (from 18-54sqm) USD 270 or Euro 260 per sqm

  • 4-sides open (from 36-72sqm) USD 350 or Euro 340 per sqm

  • 3 or 4 sides open (72sqm or more) USD 250 or Euro 240 per sqm


Add Stand Equipment (not inclusive of raw space rental cost)

  • Basic package (min. 6sqm) USD 50 or Euro 40 per sqm

  • Senior package (min. 6sqm) USD 90 or Euro 80 per sqm

  • Luxury package (min. 12sqm) USD 110 or Euro 100 per sqm

 Add Cleaning Service Fee:

  • USD 32 or Euro 30 per sqm (inc. Glasses, bucket, ice, water, refrigerator or wine cooler (6-48 bottles) (compulsory)

Wine China Expo Early Bird Options

Book and pay 50% deposit before May 01, 2017 and select one of these options;

  • Option (1)10% discount off the raw space rental

  • Option (2)One 4CC Advertisement in Wine China Expo Show Catalogue

  • Option (3)One banner advertisement on Wine China Expo website for 1 year (216 pix x 60 pix)

  • Option (4)Book 27sqm or more for a free 20 minutes wine presentation slot

Download "Wine China Brochure" & "Application Form & Contract"




Basic Standard Package   Senior Standard Package   Luxury Standard Package


(2)2017 Shanghai International Wine Tasting Meeting

     24 September 2017, Four Seasons Hotel, Shanghai

  • USD 500 or Euro 450 per display table

Includes display Table, Tasting Glasses, Ice & Water, Company Listing in Catalogue

Download: "Application Form of Shanghai Wine Tasting"


Creative Branding Opportunities



1) Official show catalogue (210mm x 140mm)

  • Full 4C page (210mmx140mm) USD 1100 / Euro 1000

  • Inside double 4C pages (280mm x 210mm) USD 1900 / Euro 1800

  • Inside front cover (210mmx140mm) USD 2000 / Euro 1800

  • 1st right hand page (210mmx140mm) USD 2000 / Euro 1800

  • Inside back cover (210mmx140mm) USD 1700 / Euro 1500

  • Outside back cover (210mmx140mm) USD 2600 / Euro 2500

 2) Ticket and Hand Bag

  • Back cover of ticket (210mmx95mm) USD 2200 / Euro 2000 per 20,000 tickets (Total number of tickets: 100,000)

  • Back cover of bag (297mmx350mm) USD 2200 / Euro 2000 per 2000 bags (Total number of bags: 6000)


Wine Tasting or Product Presentation



We offer special meeting rooms for the exhibitors who wants holding own display activities. USD 2200 / Euro 2000 will be charged for the meeting room rate which has enough space for 50-100 people and the rate also including: one projector, one or two microphone, one set of speaker and 50-100 potential customers. Rental rate is for one hour, and it could be adjusted when you have other requirement. Before July 1, 2017 your booking will be accepted.


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